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Credly 360 brings the most reliable workforce analytics and skills visibility for enterprises together. Powered by the world’s largest network of verified skills, Credly 360 provides organizations with visibility into skills and credentials to better understand, engage, and retain its people.  

How Credly 360 Works


Create Workforce Connections

Invite people in your workforce to connect and share their credentials from across the Credly network with your organization.


Access Verified
Skill Data 

See all the verified skills and credentials your connections earn from both internal--and external--sources.


Scale Internal Credential Tracking         

Build a comprehensive internal directory of connections that you can search by credential, skill, name, or location to form project teams or promote talent.

Tap Into Dynamic Data  

Find out when connections acquire new skills, earn new certifications and take advantage of upskilling opportunities.


Understand Your Workforce

Analyze the data to better understand what your workforce knows, where there are skills gaps, and where there are opportunities.


Make Better Decisions  

Skills data in Credly 360 shows you what skills you have within your organization so that you can make better human capital management decisions. 

Verified Network Data

Self-reported achievements can be inaccurate, outdated, or exaggerated--making an unreliable reporting source. That’s why Credly runs on verified data. Our expansive network has issued more than 30 million digital credentials for leading brands and training organizations. (Plus 95% of the top IT certifications and the most in-demand soft skills). With Credly 360, you’ll be the first to know when your people get certified in new skills based on the digital credentials they earn.

Skills Benchmarking

Skills data in Credly 360 shows you what skills you have within your organization so that you can make better human capital management decisions.


Manage Credential Compliance

You’ll know how many and which people in your workforce have the specific skills and credentials you need to make decisions or maintain compliance. And, stay informed when certifications lapse.

Enterprise-Class Security

Credly ensures the security of your data with rigorous security controls, disaster-recovery plans, and privacy compliance, including ISO certifications and GDPR and VPAT compliance.

Success Aligned to Goals

Our Customer Success team is here for you. From implementation and training to growing your employee connections, we have an entire team devoted to making sure your program meets your business goals.

Issue Credentials for Extra Insights

Create a complete source of truth for your workforce analytics by issuing internal digital credentials. Pair Credly Acclaim with Credly 360 for an end-to-end solution. 

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