Find the best candidates and reliably screen them.

Learn how you can streamline and optimize your hiring process with a solution that combines the world’s largest network of verified skills with scientifically valid talent assessments.  

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Recruiting Solutions

Make hiring more efficient and effective. Source the best candidates and reliably evaluate them using verified skills and pre-hire assessments.

Talent Match Is the Authority on Skilled Talent Source engaged, qualified candidates with the right skills on the network of choice where 3,000+ certification, assessment, and training providers issue their credentials.
TalentLens Is the Authority on Pre-hire Assessments Objectively evaluate candidates and predict their future performance and fit with a range of trusted and scientifically validated talent assessments.

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A Recruiter’s Guide to a More Efficient and Effective Skills-Based Hiring Process

Many organizations lack a repeatable, streamlined process to find the right candidates for the...
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The Science Behind Predicting Job Performance at Recruitment

Recruitment is a game of risk, and the tools an organization decides to use will dramatically...
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