Find the best candidates and reliably screen them. 

Learn how you can streamline and optimize your hiring process with a solution that combines the world’s largest network of verified skills with scientifically valid talent assessments.  





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Make hiring more efficient and effective. Source the best candidates and reliably evaluate them using verified skills and pre-hire assessments.   

Talent Match Is the Authority on
Skilled Talent

Source engaged, qualified candidates with the right skills on the network of choice where 3,000+ certification, assessment, and training providers issue their credentials. 

TalentLens Is the Authority on
Pre-hire Assessments

Objectively evaluate candidates and predict their future performance and fit with a range of trusted and scientifically validated talent assessments.  


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A Recruiter’s Guide to a More Efficient and Effective Skills-Based Hiring Process

Many organizations lack a repeatable, streamlined process to find the right candidates for the right positions. A new hiring strategy is needed—one that replaces outdated and inequitable practices with a modern approach that is skills-based and scientifically validated.


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The Science Behind Predicting Job Performance at Recruitment 

Recruitment is a game of risk, and the tools an organization decides to use will dramatically impact the success of their hiring efforts. Learn about the effectiveness of different recruitment tools, and considerations you must take when using each of them to select the best candidate for the role. 


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