Verified Skills to Supercharge Your Users' Profiles

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A talent directory or job board is only as valuable as the profiles of its people. Self-reported achievements can be inaccurate, outdated, or exaggerated. Leveraging verified data about what people know, can do, and have accomplished is the best way to ensure profiles within your application are complete, accurate, and reliable.

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Supercharged Profiles to Enhance Your Application

Candidates can connect their profile on your application to their Credly profile, displaying their digital credentials on your job board or talent marketplace. Badge images and structured metadata augment your user profiles, provide advanced search criteria, and inform recommendation and matching algorithms.

Real-Time Updates Your Customers Can Rely Upon

Earner profiles are updated automatically when a new credential is earned, expired, or revoked, so your customers can rely on having the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Instill Confidence by Offering Instant Verification

Your customers and third-parties can verify a user’s credentials in seconds from within your application. Save hiring managers time and money while increasing the value of the profiles on your site.

Enterprise-Class Infrastructure

Credly uses enterprise-class hosting, disaster recovery, and extensive security and privacy protocols to ensure availability and reliability of our APIs.

Verified Skills and Career Advancement


Credentials earned and managed on Credly


Earner profiles updated every day


Of earners realize their first job-related benefit within 3-4 months of earning their digital credential


Having a digital badge was helpful during the recruiting process to verify my skills to the hiring manager.

Roger Mesén-Delgado
Smart Farming Supervisor at Fresh Del Monte-Pineapple Division

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