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Objectively evaluate candidates and predict their future performance and fit with a range of trusted and scientifically validated talent assessments.

Pearson’s scientifically validated assessments help organizations get the clearest possible picture of a person’s current and future potentialso you can make human capital management decisions based on data, not hunches.  

Assessment Solutions for Every Stage of the Talent Lifecycle



Gain insights into candidate ability and personality to ensure you’re selecting the best of the best 

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Map employee competencies to organizational objectives to optimize performance and improve engagement.  

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Prepare future employees for a rapidly changing work environment by helping them understand the unique value they can bring to their career.   

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Whether you’re recruiting and selecting the best candidates for your open roles or upskilling and reskilling existing talent, TalentLens provides key insights into an individual’s aptitude, soft skills, personality, motivation, and more.  

Maximize the potential of every member of your workforce with Pearson TalentLens.  


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A Recruiter’s Guide to a More Efficient and Effective Skills-Based Hiring Process

Many organizations lack a repeatable, streamlined process to find the right candidates for the right positions. A new hiring strategy is needed—one that replaces outdated and inequitable practices with a modern approach that is skills-based and scientifically validated.


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The Science Behind Predicting Job Performance at Recruitment

Recruitment is a game of risk, and the tools an organization decides to use will dramatically impact the success of their hiring efforts. Learn about the effectiveness of different recruitment tools, and considerations you must take when using each of them to select the best candidate for the role.