Brand Identity Guidelines

Our brand identity is meant to be bright, invoke happiness, and be people-focused. These guidelines include our logo, color, and typography. Use of the Credly logo and trademarks are subject to our Trademark and Brand Use Guidelines.

Table of Contents

Credly Logo
Table of Contents


Credly logo

This is our primary logo. The orange logo should be used whenever possible.
The smaller version should be used when the width is below:
  • 150 pixels wide
  • 2 inches wide
  • 55 mm wide

Logo Variations

While our default logo is orange, use the black or white version on layouts that are black and white only. You can also use the white version on dark backgrounds so it's easy to see.


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To make sure our logo is legible, and to maintain its integrity, keep the area surrounding it free of other elements. The minimum clearspace around the logo is equal to the cap height of the "e."


Logo Alignment

It is preferred to align the logo on the baseline. Alignment along the the bottom of the logo is also acceptable.


Logo Lockup

When locking up the logo follow these guidelines:

  • Separate the logos by the "C"
  • Use a .50pt line
    ​​​​​​​(if using Adobe Illustrator)
  • The line should be the same height as the Credly logo
  • The secondary logo should be the same size as the cap height and baseline. This makes sure the Credly logo is always slightly bigger. 

Logo Don'ts

The logo should never be any color other than orange, black, or white.

Never stretch or skew the logo. Always scale proportionally.

Never place the logo on a busy pattern or background.

No drop shadows! Please and thank you.

Do not add a tagline or words to the logo.

Never type out the logo in another script font in place of the logo.



Headlines: Grad Bold

Body Copy: Open Sans



Our brand color palette is vibrant and diverse. Colors have been 
carefully chosen to provide flexibility while keeping accessibility in mind.
Neutrals: These colors are used as the base for all design. 
Use Chalk White for text or as a background color and Mist Grey in 
limited cases. Use Ink Black for text, illustration and strokes. Do not 
use Ink Black as a background. 

Credly brand colour

Pantone 1505 C


Pantone Black C

HEX #000000


Pantone 445 C

HEX #505759

Pantone 429 C 



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