How Pearson Helped Nestlé Purina Steer Their Future of Work




Pearson data allowed Purina to better understand new and emerging technologies and their impact on the business.

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Nestlé Purina Petcare


Agility journey


Pearson demystifies the future of work. It takes the intangible, this idea that things are going to change, and converts it into numbers that represent our organization.”

Angela Schneider, Director of People Analytics, Nestlé Purina


Nestlé Purina Petcare is a company of pet lovers. For over 90 years, they’ve been committed to nourishing pets and enriching lives. The company is currently on an “Agility journey.” As part of that journey, employees were asked to remove, reduce, or simplify work. Many of the resulting successes were fueled by technology. Given the early wins on the use of technology in certain areas of the business, doing that at scale was an obvious next step.

Pearson came at the right time to augment the initiative and inform the next steps of the process. Specifically, to spur the exploration of new and emerging technologies to unlock capacity and zero-in on the most meaningful tasks at the individual, team, and enterprise level.

“We’re always trying to move at speed, smartly, and in the best way possible. Therefore it is important to figure out where we should focus—replacing repetitive tasks with meaningful work, for example. And part of it is figuring out where we can be better served by technology.”

— Angela Schneider, Director of People Analytics



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