Understand the Skills Gaps in Your Workforce

The data shows that L&D and HR teams will face major talent management issues due to automation and changing economic conditions. To help solve this, our skills management solution gives managers complete visibility into the skills of their workforce. Be the first to know exactly which skills your employees have and need and where your critical skills gap exists. Use this data to optimize your learning programs and build top-performing teams, in real-time.

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Build a High Performance Culture

Seamlessly map your workforce data to our network via your HRIS. Our platform creates a normalized job architecture of your workforce, with every employee mapped to their role, skills and tasks.
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Real-time Skills Data

See all the verified skills and credentials your employees earn from internal—and external—sources. Identify skills gaps, and opportunities for upskilling.
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Workforce Management

Be the first to know when employees acquire new skills, earn new certifications and take advantage of upskilling opportunities to make better human capital management decisions.
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Top Data Quality

Self-reported skills are unreliable. Our skills ontology, powered by NLP and AI, automatically maps the verified and inferred skills for every employee within your org. So you do not have to rely on inaccurate data.
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Enhance L&D Programs

Increase employee engagement and completion rates for your internal L&D programs. Higher employee engagement equals higher productivity.
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Powerful Integrations

Integrations with popular applications, including Canvas, Degreed, EdCast, Skilljar, and Zapier automate the issuing of digital credentials.

“We chose Credly primarily because of their stature and reputation in the digital badging space. The fact that thousands of organizations use Credly adds to its credibility, and therefore the value, of their badges.”

Joe Talanca
Former L&D Leader, Kellogg's