Credly’s Analytics

Credly provides everything you need to create meaningful and impactful digital credentialing programs. With our enhanced analytics, you have access to trends and actionable data to optimize your program.

Actionable Data About Your Program


Badge Shares

Measure the marketing reach of your program with badge share data.


Clicks To Your Website

Report on traffic your badges are driving for marketing ROI. 


Earner Engagement

Track when earners accept and share credentials they earn.


Detailed Reports

See analytics at the program or template level. Export data for in-depth analysis.


Benchmarking Data

Gauge your program performance against real-time benchmarks from the Credly network.

Full Badge Lifecycle Data

Track the full lifecycle of the badges you issue with data on the number of badges issued, accepted, viewed, and shared. Detailed reports give insights into where badges are shared and when they are verified. 

See Trends Over Time

Credly’s analytics provide data visualizations over time so you can see and analyze trends. Overlay program data against other things you track--like marketing campaigns--to see long-term impact.

Report On Marketing ROI

Issuers on Credly get access to click data to see how much traffic their digital credentials are driving to their web properties. Pairing badge shares and views with click data gives you a more complete picture of the marketing ROI of your program.

Gauge Program Performance

Benchmarks help you compare your program’s performance to other organizations on Credly. Keep tabs on how your program stacks up on badge acceptance, share, and view rates so you know when to dial-up outreach to your community of earners.

Analyze Data Across Your Program

Get a quick view of how badge templates across your program are performing. Easily see which badges are being issued or accepted most frequently, and which badges are the most popular for sharing and viewing.

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