Make the issuing, acceptance and tracking of credentials earned across your learning systems and tools simple and seamless – for you and your learners.

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    Credly by Pearson supports credentialing for training providers, professional associations, product certification providers, higher education institutions, and corporate customers.
    Diagram_Credly_Website-Integrations_Feb24_Draft3We provide ready-made integrations with the leading learning, assessment and LXP platforms used across these organizations and in all industries. Browse our supported integrations and find all the information you need to complete a successful connection.

    Featured Integration Partners

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    Degreed integrates with Credly, giving customers ability to automate badge issuing and enhance...
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    Drive productivity, engagement, and success—for your people and your business—with...
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    Canvas LMS users can automatically issue digital credentials to learners based on specific...
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    Automatically issue Credly digital badges when learners complete specific learning items or...
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    Saba SBX

    Automatically issue Credly digital badges when learners complete specific learning items in...
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    Zapier has connections to 2,000+ applications, broadening the scope of Learning Management...
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    Why use an integration?

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    Automate the issuance, acceptance and tracking of credentials from within your existing platforms – so proof of learning can’t be lost, forgotten, or disbelieved.
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    Enhance the earner experience to increase usage by adding UX features to your existing platform at no extra cost.
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    Provide transparent, accurate and detailed disclosure of skills and experience rewarded, and trackable insight on earner use and engagement with their award.
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    Benefit from rigorous authentication and verification processes for both issuers and recipients.
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    Protect and expand your brand and communicate what your credentials stand for.
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    Gain actionable skills-based insight of earner capabilities

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