Degreed IntegrationV2

    Why Use This Integration?

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    issue a digital credential based on pathway completion. Streamline & automate your HR processes. Empower managers with added visibility of employee skills. 
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    Sync & Display

    badges in the earner's Degreed profile. Credly external sharing helps you demonstrate and publicize your "Culture of Learning" at your company.
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    your employees based on their accomplishments. Drive learner engagement with immediate recognition of ‘recognition-worthy’ accomplishments.

    Are you ready to enhance your degreed investment ?



    • Automate the issuing of digital credentials via Credly based on Degreed Pathway completion
    •  Import all of your verified digital credentials issued on Credly, whether generated from a Degreed Pathway, a CredSpark assessment or any other source, into an individual earners’ Degreed profile.
    • Enhance Degreed Profile and Assessments tabs with Credly data to see skills gaps and opportunities for employees based on their skills and credentials.