Data Security and Privacy

Securing the World's Most Trusted Digital Credential Network

At Credly, we believe that people should own and control their achievements.  That mission is aligned with a larger global trend of empowering individuals with control over their own data. 

Our policies and procedures operationalize our commitment to protect the security and privacy of our customers and their employees, members, learners, and users. 

We invest in best practices and compliance with industry standards and proactively seek third-party audits that validate our investment in enterprise-level security and operations. Data security experts and auditors regularly scrutinize, test, and validate the security, privacy, and operational measures we implement and maintain. 

All Credly employees are trained in data security and privacy principles. And, Credly maintains multiple ISO certifications, GDPR compliance, and other rigorous security protocols.  

Our Approach


Enterprise-Class Development Practices & Infrastructure


Certified Compliance with US and Global Privacy and Data Security Requirements


Policies and Procedures Regularly Reviewed against Best Practices with Staff Trained and Assessed


Data Security and Privacy Practices


ISO 27001


ISO 27001 is the highest level of global information security assurance available today, and ensures that Credly meets stringent international standards.


ISO 9001


ISO 9001 quality management certification validates that Credly operating practices in designing software meets the highest standards of excellence. 


ISO 22301


Credly establishes, implements, manages, and tests its business continuity plan and associated procedures consistent with the requirements of ISO 22301.


GDPR Compliance


Credly is GDPR compliant and requires its subprocessors to comply with the terms of the GDPR. Credly maintains ongoing confidentiality, integrity, and resilience of our systems that process personal data of badge earners.


APEC Privacy Framework


Credly is certified to the APEC Privacy Framework, demonstrating that Credly’s privacy programs, policies, and practices meet the requirements for effective privacy protections in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation region.


FERPA Compliance


Credly offers a FERPA-compliant solution that provides earners with complete control over the use of their information and access to adjust privacy settings on their credentials at any time.


COPPA Compliance


Credly complies with COPPA by obtaining consent through K-12 institutional customers, honoring parental requests for data deletion, and implementing appropriate data privacy and security safeguards.


Penetration Testing


Credly regularly runs penetration testing and vulnerability scans of our codebase to analyze potential vulnerabilities and remediate them.


VPAT 508 Compliance


Credly is VPAT-Ready to ensure that everyone can be recognized for their achievements, including those with limited capacities to see, hear, or exercise muscular control.  Download our VPAT.


1EdTech Member

1EDTECH logo color

Credly champions open standards and was the first organization to be certified to the Open Badge 2.0 Standard. Credly staff serve on the board of the 1EdTEch organization, which maintains the Open Badge Standard.

AWS Security Infrastructure


Credly’s physical infrastructure is hosted and managed by Amazon Web Services (AWS), which have achieved a wide variety of security certifications and commitments.


Development Practices

Credly regularly performs static and active scans of its codebase, analyzes for vulnerabilities during code review, and builds data integrity checks for both input and output into our software. 

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