Zapier Integration with Credly’s Acclaim Platform

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It’s easy to automate digital credential issuing using the integration between Credly’s Acclaim platform and Zapier. Zapier has connections to 2,000+ applications, broadening the scope of Learning Management Systems (LMS), HR talent apps, and CRM systems that can integrate with Credly’s Acclaim platform. This low-tech integration solution helps organizations save time and money by connecting applications they already use to Credly’s Acclaim platform.

Integration Highlights

  • Issuing organizations can create triggers from 2,000+ applications on Zapier to automatically issue digital badges in Credly’s Acclaim platform.
  • Low-tech integration. No technical expertise required or software engineer to implement.
  • Save time and money on development resources.
  • Triggers are easily set. You can create triggers based on actions from your CRM, from an LMS, adding certification earners to a spreadsheet, and more.
  • Earners manage their digital badges on Credly’s Acclaim platform, where they have access to tools and resources to help them connect to opportunities.

Create triggers from 2,000+ apps on Zapier to automatically issue badges.


Set rules for triggering a digital badge to be issued.


Easily connect Credly’s Acclaim platform to an application you already use in Zapier.