Docebo Connect for Credly

    Drive productivity, engagement, and success—for your people and your business—with Credly-powered digital badges automatically issued upon completion of skills-based accomplishments on Docebo’s learning platform.


    Why use the Docebo integration?

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    Streamline your HR and employee recognition processes by automatically creating and sharing badges when learners complete courses or learning plans in Docebo.
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    Reward and incentivize the completion of learning by recognizing learners for their time and efforts.

    Key Features

    • Associate Credly badges with courses and learning plans in Docebo 
    • Automate the external training record of completion in Docebo based on credentials issued in Credly 
    • Automate the issuing of credentials in Credly based on completing a course or learning plan in Docebo 
    • Migrate badges between Credly and Docebo as part of your configuration 

    How to Configure your Integration 

    The Credly integration with Docebo is available either  

    • through Docebo Connect*, Docebo’s workflow automation platform (with recipes included), or; 
    • from Credly: Credly Connect, Credly's Workato connector (client develops their own recipes to custom align with their configuration of Docebo) 

    Additional fees apply