Integrate with Saba SBX

    Automatically issue Credly digital badges when learners complete specific learning items in Saba SBX and automatically post those data-rich badges within the learner's SBX profile.


    Why use the Saba SBX integration? 

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    Simplify workflows to issue secure signals of completed courses, certifications and other learning objects via a verified digital credential directly to the learner, issued automatically upon completion.
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    Automate the issuing of verified skills-based credentials for your internal Academy or other recognition-worthy programs and display back within SBX to better identify, motivate, retain and engage your workforce, your partners and your client community.
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    Reinforce your culture of learning, message of skills improvement and standards of quality with portable, verified skills credentials that empower all learners. 

    Learning Object Features

    • automate the issue of digital credentials based on course completion or any other learning object that signals acquisition of recognition-worthy skills
    • Align with your organization's configuration by utilizing either a native API, Workato-based or SFTP solution

    Certification Integration Features

    • automate the issue of a higher-level category of recognition based on the completion of certification-classed experiences within Saba SBX
    • enable a custom-expiration term, a unique feature to the Saba SBX integration that expands Credly's expiration options of a specific date or 1, 2 or 3 years post-issue
    • auto-revoke the certification credential if the related SBX transcript is terminated, expired or cancelled
    • Utilizes a ready-made low/no tech native solution based on APIs
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