Credly Acclaim vs. Accredible


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    Does Credly offer white labelling?
    No, Credly does not offer white labelling because we are a multi-tenant platform. When an organization white labels its digital credentials without investing in paid placement for their badges, they may not appear in standard search results. This leads to a missed opportunity to showcase your brand alongside large companies and competitors. It also leads to confusion and a lack of understanding if you are looking to reach new earners.
    Where can I find out more about Credly pricing?
    Schedule a demo with our team, and we can discuss and agree on the best plan that suits your needs. This personalized conversation with our team can ensure you are starting your digital credentialing journey with the right resources and support, positioning you for seamless scalability in the future.
    What types of organizations benefit most from using Credly?
    Credly caters to a diverse range of organizations, including certification providers, educational institutions, professional associations, and corporate entities, making it a versatile solution for various sectors.
    What sets Credly apart from Accredible?
    Credly is a comprehensive digital credentialing solution, with unparalleled versatility across sectors, and a powerful network effect. Our enterprise-class functionality, unwavering commitment to data security and privacy, and actionable analytics for program optimization set us apart. While sharing standard features, Credly takes the lead in providing a robust and learner-centric ecosystem, ensuring a distinct and powerful digital credentialing experience.
    How does Credly ensure the security of digital credentials?
    We prioritize data security and privacy with multiple ISO certifications and a robust international compliance team and program, ensuring comprehensive protection and control over users’ data. Learn more:
    What kind of earner support does Credly provide?
    Badge earners can access FAQs and support resources to utilize your badges in their dedicated support center: They can also submit a request to our customer success team, where we can offer assistance directly.
    What kind of support do you provide for organizations transitioning to digital credentials with Credly?
    We offer comprehensive support for organizations transitioning to digital credentials, including guidance on implementation, best practices, and ongoing assistance to ensure a smooth and successful transition.
    Is Credly a Pearson product?
    Absolutely, Credly is a Pearson product. Pearson is dedicated to forging a skills-based ecosystem that revolutionizes the realm of talent. As an integral component within the broader Pearson Workforce Skills ecosystem, Credly plays a crucial role in aiding organizations to comprehend, retain, and elevate their most essential asset—their people.

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