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Your members are looking to you for guidance on how to build a meaningful professional network and manage professional development. Enhance member benefits with digital credentials that work for them as hard as you do.

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Advance Members’ Careers

A wide range of sharing, directory, and connectivity options puts your earners’ verified credentials front and center where career decisions are made. Working with Credly helps your members discover what’s next and get connected to highly-relevant advancement opportunities.

Promote Your Programs

Every time a member shares their credential, it’s a meaningful brand impression—more than 650,000 credentials are shared from Credly every month. Using digital credentials to recognize members for certifications, trainings, and event participation helps represent your brand--and your members—the way you want. And all of this sharing, searching, and viewing can help new members discover your association.

Save Your Association Time and Money

Third parties can verify the status of any member’s credentials in seconds online. Automated issuing lets your members receive their credentials minutes after course completion, and custom printable certificates are available. Credly covers data privacy and GDPR compliance issues so you don't have to.

Build for Success

Working with Credly’s customer success team is the best way to make sure your program meets your association’s goals. We’ll help you not only design and issue your badges, but also create recommendations, collections, and stackable credentials. And, of course, we’ll be right there with you analyzing your results, providing best practices and industry benchmarks.

The Power of Digital Credentials for
Professional Associations


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Monthly digital marketing value generated from
digital badging


Certification volume increase within six months of launching digital credentials


With two-thirds of our certification holders opting in to display their credential via a [digital] badge, we’ve been able to unleash a very cost-effective grassroots marketing campaign. Not only are successful certificants promoting themselves, they are also marketing the IAB certification program for us.

Michael Theodore, SVP, Learning & Development/General Manager, IAB Education Foundation

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Leverage integrations with popular learning management systems, or build your own with Zapier or Credly’s REST API.

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