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When done well, skills-based hiring leads to greater success filling job roles, more equitable hiring outcomes, and closing recruiting gaps. But even if you wanted to implement it, how would you get started? 

That’s where Talent Match comes in--an AI-powered, skills-based hiring platform, based on verified credentials, rather than self-reported skill lists on a resume.

Talent Match is part of the world’s largest network of verified skills, bringing talent acquisition teams and hiring managers access to high-quality candidates to fill their most demanding job openings. 

How It Works

Step 1: Upload your job reqs

95% of the top IT skills are issued on our network, making us the place to find the most-qualified IT professionals.

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Step 2: We analyze the reqs to map relevant skills and credentials

Let’s say, you have several positions open for cloud engineers, we will map the top skills and credentials to find the best candidates in our talent pool.

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Step 3: Get a curated list of high-quality matches

We will generate and send a list of highly-skilled matches to help you hire faster.

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The Most Qualified Talent Pool of IT Professionals


Credly is the network of choice where 2,000+ certification, assessment, and training providers issue their credentials. Ninety-five percent of the top IT skills are issued on Credly, including Azure, AWS, Kubernetes, HashiCorp Terraform, and CISSP. Find top tech talent across thousands of skills and certifications. 


The Credly Talent Pool


More than 22 million individuals have earned a credential on Credly from leading certification, assessment, and training providers. We match your job reqs to the top candidates that have opted in to be contacted about job opportunities.

And, 50K+ new credentials
are issued daily.



Skills-Based Hiring Reduces Bias

Sourcing candidates based on verified digital credentials puts the focus on a candidate’s skills and abilities, not outdated proxies.

Outdated proxies limit your talent pool. While 40% of white Americans hold a bachelor’s degree, only 26.1% of Black Americans do, a disparity much starker for women of color.

More employers are focusing on skills-based hiring to combat bias in hiring and Credly Talent Match helps companies build diverse teams.

Responsible AI & Transparent Talent Matching

When you’re responsible for the output of your AI-powered tools, it’s important to know what goes into them. Credly matches on skills--that’s it. Our algorithm does not make inferences based on profile pictures or names. And, we don’t scan the web for unverified additional data. Our secret sauce is in the network, not the algorithms

How Credly Talent Match Is Different


Early Access

Get access to candidates with the required credentials before anyone else.


Save Time

Skip the broad searches and manual screening of hundreds of resumes.


Reduce Time-To-Fill

We only send you candidate matches that are highly-qualified and interested in the role.


people have earned credentials on Credly


new credentials are issued daily


of the top IT skills are issued on Credly


In the competitive world of recruiting—where the edge goes to those who connect with qualified talent first—industry certifications are a secret weapon.

Jonathan Finkelstein, Credly Founder & CEO

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