Acclaim Talent Directory

Talent Directory on Credly Acclaim helps badge earners find a job and connect to opportunities. Bring exposure to digital badge earners based on the skills and credentials they’ve earned from your organization with our Talent Directory feature.

Skills-Based Hiring
Recruiters and hiring managers can search for professionals who have earned specific credentials or skills from your organization.

Easy Setup
No technical resources or development required to implement your talent directory.

Data Security Coverage
Credly handles all compliance and GDPR requirements.

Earner Controls
Badge earners control when their profile is searchable in the talent directory.

Add Value to Your Digital Credentials

Make your digital badge earners discoverable

Talent Directory search SmartSparqed


Support earners in the gig economy

Talent Directory SmartSparqed

Market the benefit to your potential earnersTalent Directory skills search SmartSparqed


Become the source for qualified talent within your industryTalent Directory profile SmartSparqed.png


See how Credly customers use Talent Directory to make their earners more discoverable