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    Certificate Maker

    Issuers have the ability to provide customized and printed certificates to their earners in addition to Credly's digital credentials. Organizations have full control over the creation of digital certificates within the platform, allowing them to customize the content and design to better reflect the significance of the earners' accomplishments. 

    Customizable and printable certificate in a few steps  

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    Create certificates

    Create certificates with Acclaim's template or craft custom ones featuring dynamic elements
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    Use our template

    Start today by customizing Acclaim's template color
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    Make it yours

    Highlight your brand with a personalized certificate background and incorporate your organization's logo
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    Stay verified

    Boost your digital credentials' significance by adding a verification URL
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    Get creative

    Create as many custom designs as needed
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    Celebrate earner's success

    Craft a printable certificate your earners are proud to share with ease

    Full control over your brand

    With our certificate maker, organizations have full creative control over their branding, content, and design. The user-friendly platform allows for easy customization and the ability to add dynamic content all at the organization's convenience. 

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    Easy implementation

    Issuers can choose from an existing Credly certificate design or create custom paper certificates. Organizations have complete control over the certificate design at the template level and can grant permissions for earners to download and print their badge certificates. 

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    Supporting the different needs

    We are committed to providing high-quality, genuine digital badges within its network. Organizations that rely on printed certificates to showcase their business practices now have the freedom to design their own certificates. 

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    Maximizing Achievements with High-Quality Digital Credentials 

    The Credly platform offers digital credentials for significant professional achievements. Adding a customizable paper certificate with a dynamic badge empowers earners to share their accomplishments beyond digital platforms. 

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    Our certificate makers provide earners with multiple avenues to share their achievements and become brand ambassadors for your organization. Discover other features below or schedule a demo to learn more.