Credly Features and Functionality

    Credly offers advanced technology for easy issuance of professional digital certificates and badges. Trust us to help you create impactful credentialing programs with efficiency.
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    Drive Demand for Your Offerings

    Every time an earner shares their profile or digital credential – that adds up to a lot of free marketing for the program to engage with new and existing customers.
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    Add Value to Your Programs and Courses

    Labor market insights, credentialing recommendations, and endorsements help with understanding your value and uncovering opportunities.
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    Advance Your Earners Careers

    With a wide range of sharing, directory, and connectivity options, your earners can discover what’s next and get connected to highly relevant advancement opportunities.

    Product Features

    Designed with cutting-edge technology and user-centric features, discover the power of Credly.


    Enhanced analytics allows you to have access to trends and actionable data to optimize your program.


    Metadata Mapping

    Metadata mapping allows proof that the digital credentials come from reputable sources and speak to a skill or knowledge that was verified.


    Talent Directory

    When an individual earns a credential, it can unlock new opportunities. The Talent Directory feature helps badge earners find a job, connect to opportunities, and bring exposure to the skills and credentials that they’ve earned from your organization. Discover talent with specific skills, credentials, and locations in a simple search.
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    Suggested Skills

    Credly helps normalize skills across the platform so everyone is speaking the same skills-based language when recognizing individuals for achievements.  

    Additional features

    Not all digital credentialing platforms can do what Credly can. See below for additional features and download our comprehensive feature set.

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    Labor Market Insights

    For you and your badge earners to find and surface jobs and career opportunities by title, location, employer and salary range.
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    Language Versions

    Issue multilingual digital credentials for seamless acceptance, viewing, and sharing by badge earners globally.
    Learn more
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    Certificate Maker

    Achieve full control over digital certificate creation in the platform, customizing content and design to reflect the significance of your earners' achievements.
    Learn more
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    Using blockchain-based digital credentials shows your organization is up-to-date with technology, allowing for easy verification of future and tamper-proof credentials.
    Learn more
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    The Acclaim platform is more than just a place to issue digital credentials. The recommendations feature is here to help create opportunities for your badge earners.
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    Share to Mobile Wallet

    Badge earners can easily store their credentials in a mobile wallet, ensuring seamless verification anywhere, while also enjoying various social sharing options.
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    SSO Sign In

    Single sign-on (SSO) streamlines user onboarding by integrating social sign-in capabilities, and syncing badges with trusted accounts for a seamless experience.
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    Mobile Application

    The mobile app enables earners to effortlessly view, manage, and share digital credentials on iOS or Android. They can verify skills, manage their badge wallet, and access it online, on the job site, or while networking.
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    Default Expiration Date

    Manage and track badge expiration dates using default settings, enabling you to set a uniform expiration date for all badges issued via the selected template.

    Celebrate Button

    We make celebrating learning achievements easy— earners can receive recognition for the digital credentials they earn from your organization.

     Features That Make Us Unlike the Others

    Take a look at our comprehensive feature set that makes us the leader in the digital credentialing industry.

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