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The world’s most recognizable hosting providers, development platforms, SaaS products, and technology companies use Credly to manage their credential programs. Drive demand for your products while protecting your brand by issuing digital credentials on the Credly network. 

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Enterprise-Class Flexibility
and Security

Whether you issue 1,000 or 1,000,000 credentials, Credly offers the flexibility you need to implement a robust digital credentialing program. Ensure your certification earners receive digital credentials immediately with automated issuing via bulk upload, Credly integrations, or building a custom integration using our REST API.  Enterprise-class hosting, disaster recovery, and data security takes the burden off of your organization to manage the technology.

Add Value to Your Product Certifications

Sharing options on Credly help earners promote their achievements. Labor market insights, credential recommendations, and endorsements help them understand their value and uncover opportunities.  And your organization’s talent directory can help your earners connect with highly-relevant advancement opportunities from organizations across the Credly network. 

Drive Demand for Your Products

Every time an earner shares their profile or digital credential—which happens more than 650,000 times a month on Credly—there’s a measurable, organic impression for your brand, products, and certifications. This digital credential sharing adds up to a lot of free marketing for your program to engage new and existing customers.  Autodesk, EsriIBM, and Oracle are just a few organizations in the Credly network who have experienced amazing results incorporating digital badging into their product certification programs.  

Protect Your Brand

Making your brand the industry standard is hard work, and digital credentials can help ensure it stays that way. Reduce fraud while making it easy for third-parties to securely verify an earner's digital credential. 

Build for Success

Working with Credly and our customer success team is the best way to make sure your program meets your goals. We’ll help you design and issue your badges, as well as create recommended badges, collections, and stackable credentials to drive earner engagement. When it comes time to analyze results and benchmark your program, we’ll be right there with you.

The Power of Digital Credentials for
Product Certification Providers


Digital credentials shared from Credly every month


Increase in course enrollments of IBM-badged online courses
(IBM Case Study)


of Autodesk earners share their digital credentials on online resumes, portfolios, and email signatures (Autodesk Case Study)


The biggest draw of digital credentials was having the verification and simplicity in sharing digital badges on social platforms. It has done a lot for our customers to showcase their talents.

Jessi Mielke, Certification Program Manager at Esri

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Leverage integrations with popular learning management systems, or build your own with Zapier or Credly’s REST API.

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