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Welcome to the Credly legal home page! Here you'll find information related to customer agreements, user agreements, and compliance. Working with thousands of clients (including Fortune 500 enterprises, multinational banks, governments, institutions of higher education, small businesses and everything in-between) over a decade in business means we've seen a lot. We used that experience to design legal agreements that are customer-friendly and tailor-made for Credly's unique services.

Credly Values

Digital credentials are fast becoming the currency of choice in an international marketplace of knowledge and skills. Credly and its community of users are building that currency and the underlying infrastructure. We believe that digital credentials will improve equity and expand access to opportunity, including for populations and individuals who have been traditionally underserved and overlooked. We’re working to positively impact everything from the student debt crisis to the skills gap between available jobs and qualified applicants. We build for scale.

We’re here for good.


Legal Agreements

Below you'll find links to legal agreements with Credly's customers (businesses) and Credly's users (individuals).  



Demanding customers help keep us sharp. They share many similar concerns. You can find answers to our most frequently asked questions at this link


Trust Center

Credly maintains the industry-leading data security and privacy program. Read more about how we secure the world's most trusted digital credential network.   


Credly Legal Agreements

User Agreements

All users create accounts on Credly. These are the agreements that govern a user's relationship with Credly.