Understand your workforce skills today and future-proof your workforce for tomorrow.

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Workforce helps companies take a skills-based approach to talent management.  

Gain an accurate picture of your workforce today and make informed talent planning and L&D decisions with access to real-time skills data. Future-proof your workforce and create a culture of learning and recognition with targeted upskilling and reskilling. 

How Workforce Works



Invite your workforce to connect and share the verified skills and credentials they’ve earned at any point in their career journey.  



Gain an accurate view of your workforce through our proprietary ontology to provide precise people analytics and skills data.  



Create dynamic, individual employee profiles populated with real-time data on internal and external skills and certifications.  


Access workforce analytics with skill development insights and learning trends. Bridge skills gaps with tailored upskilling and reskilling opportunities. 



Be the first to know when employees acquire new skills and certifications. Celebrate and recognize achievements and drive employee engagement.  



Surface talent with specific skills, credentials, and locations in a simple search. Ensure credential compliance is met across the organization.

Verified Network Data

Self-reported achievements can be inaccurate, outdated, or exaggerated—making an unreliable reporting source.  

Understand the skills each of your employees brings through the world’s most connected digital credentialing network—where 3,000+ providers issue their credentials and where 95% of the top IT skills are issued. You’ll be the first to know when your employees get certified in new skills based on the digital credentials they earn through a catalog of 90,000+ learnings.

Enterprise-Class Security

Feel secure with data standards and security that are as rigorous as yours. Our platform’s data security measures include multiple ISO certifications and GDPR compliance, ensuring that earners are in control of their data. 

Enhanced Analytics

Get detailed analytics and actionable insights to optimize your internal learning and development programs. Compare benchmark data, see workforce learning trends over time, and deploy personalized upskilling and reskilling to bridge skills gaps.  

Success Aligned to Goals

Gain access to a dedicated support team with world-class digital credentialing expertise and certifications in customer success—bringing you guidance and best practices to every implementation. 

Our Customer Success team will work with you step-by-step to onboard your organization and provide you with tools and templates to align digital credentialing with your L&D initiatives.   

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