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    Account Authentication & Verification

    Earners have complete control over their data, and no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is published to the web without the earner's express consent.


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    Direct Connection to Employers

    Earners can connect directly with employers to share skills and credentials with managers and corporate L&D teams.

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    Smart Badge Creation Assistance

    Issuers can utilize our suggested relevant skills based on comprehensive data to streamline the badge creation process.

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    Comprehensive Training Hub

    Issuers can access our exclusive Online Credentialing Academy, which features a variety of courses and live training sessions.

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    Largest Platform Integration Selection

    Manage and scale your programs easily with 29 industry-leading software and custom apps.

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    Robust Data Security and Privacy Practices

    In addition to using secure Amazon Web service, as a company, we hold ISO 27001 and 27701 certifications and maintain a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template.

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    Secure Amazon Web Service (AWS)

    Credly’s infrastructure is hosted and managed by AWS, which have achieved a wide variety of security certifications and commitments.

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    Multiple Issuing Options (Single, CSV, API)

    Issue badges individually, in bulk, or through API integration. 

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    Utilize our analytics tools to understand how your digital credentials are used, engage earners, and impact your program.

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    Social Sharing

    Badge earners can quickly share and validate their credentials across various platforms, boosting your organization's brand visibility.

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    Talent Directory

    Recruiters and hiring managers can find professionals with specific credentials or skills and connect for job opportunities.

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    Why Organizations Trust Credly

    Credly has been a pioneer in the digital credentialing movement since 2012 and is a cornerstone in the skills-based ecosystem.

    Proven Track Record

    We prioritize continuous innovation and putting people-powered growth at our core. Since Credly's establishment, we have celebrated hundreds of millions of achievements worldwide.
    81 M +

    Credentials earned and managed on Credly

    22.3 M +

    Registered and Verified users on Credly

    650 k +

    Digital credentials shared from Credly every month

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    #1 Ranked Digital Credential Management Platform

    We are the leader in digital credential management software on G2, helping many organizations to reach their goals.
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    Unmatched Customer Support

    We have a dedicated team of credentialing professionals prepared to help our customers with customized onboarding packages. Every customer benefits from standard continuous support and access to exclusive online learning resources.

    I like that Credly is easy to use. The dashboards that are created are great for quick overviews. Pulling reports is quick and simple. Navigating through the site is very user friendly and it's easy to figure how to do actions or find information.

    Verified User in Computer Software
    G2 review

    I like Credly for its intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for me to create, issue, and manage digital badges and credentials. Furthermore, it's an extremely flexible platform that provides a range of customization options for badge design.

    Pawel F
    Director of Professional Services, EMEA

    It´s straightforward to use and intuitive. You can integrate it with other applications via Zapier or if needed, API is also present. Besides, Credly is well known in IT community as it used now by many vendors

    Yuriy A.
    CEO, Computer Networking

    Ready to Explore Credly?

    8 Features That Make Credly Unique

    While Credly and Accredible share some common features, here are nine standout capabilities that set Credly apart from Accredible. 

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    Network Impact

    Credly is the network of choice where over 3,500+ certification, assessment, training providers and employers issue their credentials. Your digital credentials reach a broader audience, boosting brand visibility and engagement while connecting your earners to learning and career advancement opportunities.
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    Unlike other digital credentialing platforms, earners and organizations can easily discover your badges and Accredible focuses on earning more badges from a single issuer. Our approach prioritizes comprehensive exploration, ensuring a richer, more diverse learning journey.
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    Portable, Protected Profiles

    With Credly every earner owns their profile for life for a truly earner-centric experience. Fully compliant with US and international privacy regimes, earners have complete control over their personal information—how, when and what is shared about them.
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    World-Class Customer Support

    You can access a dedicated support team with world-class digital credentialing expertise throughout your journey. Pick from our onboarding packages that suit your budget and preferences.
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    Enterprise Functionality

    As your program grows, you’ll scale easily with enterprise-class features and functionality, like authorized issuing, comprehensive APIs, and single sign-on (SSO) using SAML to support even the most complex programs.
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    Integrations & APIs

    Not only does our platform seamlessly integrate with leading learning management systems, assessment platforms, and information systems, but we also provide hands-on support to tailor your setup for success.
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    Enterprise-class Data Security

    We comply with data security, privacy and accessibility best practices. We hold ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certifications and maintain a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template.
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    Brand Reputation

    Credly is powered by Pearson, a FTSE 100 education leader with 160+ million learners in 2022. Pearson has been trusted globally for over a century. We are the choice of 3,500+ certification providers, addressing skills gaps and fostering workforce development.

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