Why choose Credly?

    Find out what sets Credly apart and why it is the most trusted digital credentialing platform by 3,500+ organisations globally.
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    #1 Ranked Digital Credential Management Platform

    As the leading provider of digital credential management software, we assist organizations worldwide, of all sizes, in achieving their goals and celebrating hundreds of millions of achievements.
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    Credentials earned and managed on Credly

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    Our Badges of Excellence

     We are the #1 ranked digital credential management software on G2, recommended by global organizations.
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    What Makes Us Stand Out?

    Explore the distinctive features that distinguish Credly from other digital credentialing solutions.

    Network Impact

    As a Pearson customer, your credentials gain exposure to millions of users through our trusted network. Unlike other platforms that rely on white labeling, we provide a platform that enhances your program's visibility and reach. 
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    Enterprise Functionality

    As an industry trailblazer, our platform boasts powerful enterprise features, such as authorized issuing, comprehensive APIs, recommendations and single sign-on (SSO), streamlining the management and scalability of your program.


    Unmatched Customer Support

    We have a dedicated team of credentialing professionals prepared to help our customers with customized onboarding packages. Every customer benefits from standard continuous support and access to exclusive online learning resources.
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    Enterprise-Class Security

    We comply with US, EU and other global data security, privacy and accessibility best practices. We hold ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certifications and maintain a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template.
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    Portable, Protected Profiles

    With Credly, every earner owns their profile for life for a truly earner-centric experience. Earners have complete control over their personal information—how, when and what is shared about them.
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    Continuous Innovation

    Credly has been a pioneer in the digital credentialing movement since 2012 and is a cornerstone in the skills-based ecosystem. We continue to enhance our solution to help you achieve your goals.

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    The Proof is in the Outcome

    Explore the transformative impact Credly delivers to diverse businesses, spanning increased course completion rates, revenue growth, and future-proofing their workforce.
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    Creating a Culture of Learning

    Discover how PVH enhanced global learning with a 77% badge completion rate.
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    Transforming Credentials into Must-Haves

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    Connecting Education to Employment

    Discover the impact of digital credentials on student job placements.
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    The digital badges issued through Credly Acclaim are secure and easily recognizable, by employers, educational institutions and other organizations. This helps establish trust in the credentials being presented.

    Abhinav C.Abhinav C.
    Devops Engineer

    The platform itself is super easy to understand, configure and use manually or through integrations. Implementation was super straightforward and we had necessary support for this. We havent had operational issues after 2 years and several programs implemented.

    José Antonio B.
    Latin America Digital Services Director - Commercial & Customer Experiences

    I like Credly for its intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for me to create, issue, and manage digital badges and credentials. Furthermore, it's an extremely flexible platform that provides a range of customization options for badge design.

    Pawel F
    Director of Professional Services, EMEA

    It´s straightforward to use and intuitive. You can integrate it with other applications via Zapier or if needed, API is also present. Besides, Credly is well known in IT community as it used now by many vendors.

    Yuriy A.
    CEO, Computer Networking

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