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Create, manage, and monitor all aspects of your credentialing, certificate, or badge program.  The Credly Acclaim digital badging platform offers the most comprehensive features to design and issue badges, enterprise-class functionality to scale and manage programs, and enhanced analytics to measure success. Credly’s best-in-class security and privacy features make your product and data secure.

Metadata Mapping

The full story of a digital credential lies in the rich metadata behind it. Add skills tags and earning criteria with Credly’s badge template. Differentiate badges with attributes for type, level, time and cost. Provide context and requirements to show what it really means to earn your credential.

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Promote Opportunities

Guide next steps for those that earn your credentials with recommendations to additional certifications, events, job openings, and other opportunities that show people where your credential can take them.

Connect Earners to Jobs

When an individual earns a credential, it can unlock new opportunities. Connect your earners to job opportunities with our Talent Directory and industry trends with Labor Market Insights.

Curate Credentials

Group related credentials by collections to differentiate badges and communicate levels, rigor, and requirements to potential earners.

Data Security & Privacy

Feel secure with data standards and security that are as rigorous as yours. Credly’s data security measures, including multiple ISO certifications and GDPR compliance, ensure  that earners are in control of their data. See all of Credly’s data security certifications.

Enterprise-Class Functionality

Scale global credentialing programs with tools designed for enterprises including bulk issuing and focused permissions and admin roles, as well as  Blockchain and SAML Authentication.

Extend Your Brand Reach

Every time a digital badge is shared or viewed, your brand increases its reach and recognition. Credly Acclaim's tamper-proof badge templates ensure your brand is consistently represented. Additional features let you add links that drive traffic directly to your website.

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Social sharing tools create brand ambassadors


Badge and profile views generate brand awareness


Add links to badge details to drive website traffic


Keyword and skill searches display your program to potential earners


Showcase earners and products with Talent Directory


Empower Your Earners

Give earners the tools to unlock opportunities and enhance their professional profiles with Credly Acclaim.


LinkedIn and social sharing tools


Share to mobile wallet for on-the-job credential verification


Customizable certificates


Earners can accept, view and share badges in their local language.


Labor Market Insights

Analyze Your Program

Optimize success of your digital credentialing program on Credly Acclaim with analytics about how earners interact with digital credentials. Track badges issued, accepted, shared, and viewed. Report on traffic your badges are driving for marketing ROI. Learn more.  

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Expert Guidance At Every Step

Credly has an entire team focused on customer success—with years of experience and certifications in customer success—that brings expert guidance and best practices to every implementation. Our team provides the tools, templates, and best practices to launch your program, as well as ongoing support to optimize your program over time.
  • Program Design 
  • Training 
  • Marketing Best Practices  
  • Issuer & End-User Support 
  • Professional Services 
  • Badge Design and Metadata Research
  • Industry Benchmarking

Integrations with Popular Applications

Automate the issuing of digital credentials on Credly Acclaim within your existing workflow.

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